Home value is very important especially for those on a fixed income.  If social security stops paying, if Medicare taps out, if your savings runs out, what is left?  The equity in your home.  If ever faced with a financial crisis, the equity in your home gives you access to funds to maintain your health and lifestyle.  Home equity loans would provide more funds, a reverse mortgage would provide more funds.


Further, property taxes are tax deductible and can help to lower your federal taxable income by $10,000, if you itemize.

Should a fixed income senior out-live their savings or incur steep medical bills, they will have more equity in the value of their home at their disposal.  Even in the worst-case scenario, should they be forced to sell their home, it would be worth more and they would get more profit out of the sale.


Home Appreciation over 10 Years

                        9/1/2009          9/1/2019

Lafayette           237,000            475,000     100%

Louisville           328,000            606,000     85%

Longmont          208,000            390,000     88%

Niwot                451,000            730,000     62%


In accordance with CDC and Governor's recommendations, the Niwot Study Committee cancelled all pending community meetings as of March 13th. We look forward to future conversations about the best possible future for Niwot once it is safe again to meet. Stay healthy Niwot!