Niwot values its rural roots


Any proposed expansion of the Niwot Community Service Area must conform with the goals and policies of the current Boulder County Comprehensive Plan and with the current Niwot Community Service Area objectives and policies, including, particularly, the need to maintain a “semi-rural” character and to preserve a geographic sense of community.

Niwot values a vibrant commercial area, and supports its local small businesses


Per the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan, any new development in Niwot should maintain community character while accommodating changes associated with preserving and enhancing the community as a thriving, semi-rural village center.

Niwot values its important service businesses


Niwot is fortunate to have businesses that offer needed services to our community.  Niwot Market and Niwot Rental and Feed are two examples of businesses that are valued by the community and should be supported and preserved through self-rule.

Niwot values its conservation easements and defined boundaries


To maintain Niwot’s ‘semi-rural’ charm and character, existing conservation easements and surrounding open space should be preserved. 

Niwot’s property values should be maintained and improved for Niwot’s stakeholders


Like other thriving towns, Niwot should be a desirable place to live, work, shop, dine and play.  This desirability will always help to maintain and improve Niwot’s property values.

No one cares more about the future of Niwot than Niwot's citizens


While Niwot is beloved throughout Boulder County and the state, Niwot’s residents truly LOVE Niwot, and deserve a voice in charting Niwot’s future.

In accordance with CDC and Governor's recommendations, the Niwot Study Committee cancelled all pending community meetings as of March 13th. We look forward to future conversations about the best possible future for Niwot once it is safe again to meet. Stay healthy Niwot!