Towns and Cities incorporate for a wide variety of reasons, but control over their Land Use decisions is one of the most common.  For Niwot, the Subdivision Road Policy, the restrictive residential square footage limits, and control over future decisions are key reasons why incorporation is being studied. 

Some towns incorporate to avoid annexation by a neighboring city. Some incorporate to preserve open space.  Some incorporate to control their boundaries.

Most of the municipalities studied in the Niwot Incorporation Study recommended a cautious approach to Land Use Code changes.  It was recommended that initially, a newly incorporated town should adopt all current codes and land use regulations.  Over time, the elected mayor and town council can make changes to their Land Use rules based on input from their citizens…slowly…one ordinance at a time.

If Niwot incorporates, any revisions to Niwot’s Land Use code will be made by Niwot’s elected officials at the direction of Niwot’s citizens. 

The Niwot Incorporation Study has ‘Guiding Principles’.   An incorporated Home Rule Town will have a Charter, that will clearly state the guiding principles for the elected officials.  The Charter can list the level of code changes that can be made by the elected officials, and the changes that must be taken to a vote of the citizens.


In accordance with CDC and Governor's recommendations, the Niwot Study Committee cancelled all pending community meetings as of March 13th. We look forward to future conversations about the best possible future for Niwot once it is safe again to meet. Stay healthy Niwot!